Propaganda of "Russian World" and hatred of Ukraine: "L-DNR" occupiers are militarizing children in "military-patriotic clubs" 05/12/2021 17:30:12. Total views 984. Views today — 0.

The practice of recruiting and attracting minors in CARDLO into the illegal armed formations of the Russian Federation has been flourishing since 2014. Moreover, they are also participating in hostilities against Ukraine. Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Gyunduz Mamedov stated this in an interview with Censor.NET.

According to him, the occupant financially supports military camps and pseudo-patriotic clubs through the controlled administrations. Children are trained here for military operations and imposed on the ideology of separatism and the Russian World, hatred for Ukraine is laid in their unformed children's heads.

"Within the framework of criminal proceedings, more than 10 so-called "military-patriotic clubs" have been established in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast alone: Young Guard of Donbass, Amazones, where girls are involved as well,Patriot in Horlivka and Makiivka, Bastio and Steppenwolves. Two organizers of these crimes have already been identified, and we are talking about serious violations of international humanitarian law. One of them - the organizer and ideologist of the "Amazons", which works on the basis of the Horlivka secondary school, was informed about suspicion of the creation of armed formations not provided for by law, violation of the laws and customs of war, as well as involvement of minors in criminal activities", - Mamedov noted.

He also noted that the Amazones military camp has been created and is operating in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast. In addition to it, the ideology of "independence" of the pseudo-republics is also supported in the Volunteer and Redut military-patriotic clubs, the camp of the Lugansk Cossack Cadet Corps named after Air Marshal Yefimov.

"We have information that 54 underage citizens of Ukraine were convicted for participation in the illegal armed formations of the Russian Federation during the entire period of the armed conflict. Some of them were trained in such military-patriotic clubs, which arose spontaneously in 2014-2015, and later began to work in a centralized manner. This is a serious violation of international humanitarian law. In accordance with article 4 of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, states parties must ensure that children do not participate in hostilities. Let us remind that the document was ratified by both Ukraine and the Russian Federation. But, as we can see, the facts indicate the opposite, and we qualify such actions of the occupier and their accomplices as a war crime, and minors involved in the armed conflict as victims", - the Deputy Prosecutor General stated.