Zvyahilsky finances "DNR" militants, while Akhmetov hopes for private contacts with Putin - Khodakovsky 05/12/2021 15:05:22. Total views 858. Views today — 0.

The Donetsk businessmen, including Hero of Ukraine Yukhym Zvyahilsky, were forced to finance pro-Russian Donbas militants in 2014. Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky told this in an interview with Russian media.

"Wishing or not, businessmen helped us, because their assets and money were in our territory. The same Zvyahilsky (one of the most influential politicians of Donbas, Hero of Socialist Labor, former director of the Zasyadko mine and deputy of the Rada of eight convocations - interviewer) was forced to do what we need, albeit against his own will"- the militant told.

As for the role of Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov in the events of 2014, according to Khodakovsky, he "took a strange position. He came to the protesters against Kyiv and at the same time, organized pro-Ukrainian rallies".

The former commander of the Donetsk Alpha admits that "being in Donetsk, Akhmetov represented a serious impact factor".

Through his former secretary of the city council Nikolai Levchenko, - Khodakovsky continues, - he tried to turn the flaring conflict in the Donbas in his favor.

"The substance of the proposal: "Let us unite with you, you will make a dust at our command, and we will negotiate with Turchynov and Yatsenyuk". The stake was made on the fact that the new authorities would decide to rely on the local elites in Donetsk, which means that local elites will be able to manage their affairs in Kyiv",- according to the ex-battalion commander of Vostok, he received an offer from the team of Rinat Akhmetov.

Khodakovsky, who refused to communicate with Levchenko, reports that after that, Yukhym Zvyahilsky invited him to meet with Akhmetov personally.

"I was invited by Yukhym Zvyahilsky. The conversation took place in his office. Zvyahilsky said that Akhmetov wanted to meet with me. Zvyahilsky thanked Akhmetov effusively, telling how he buys coal from him…", - he writes.

According to Khodakovsky, he resolutely refused to compromise on the future fate of Donbas at a face-to-face meeting with Akhmetov: "I told him that you can be sure that Russia will come here sooner or later".

The militant told how he once again came to Akhmetov's residence together with Borodai and communicated with his representatives. "Borodai insisted that they build communications with Surkov, and they replied that Rinat Akhmetov has direct contact with Vladimir Putin, and if he wants to discuss something, he will do it directly", - Khodakovsky indirectly admitted that the conflict in the east Ukraine was moderated by the Kremlin in any case.

"So, contacts with his entourage stopped, and the story with Akhmetov ended", - he summed up.