"Topic No. 1 is Yatsenyuk's resignation". Lutsenko offered to find a prime minister, who will consolidate Parliament 12/08/2015 18:15:21. Total views 1048. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada should develop the government policy and find a prime minister who will consolidate the parliament. This leader of the PPB Yuriy Lutsenko wrote about that on Facebook.

"Topic No. 1 is the resignation of Yatsenyuk. Lawmakers should not talk about names, but about policy. The problem of VR in the coming weeks is to develop a government policy for the next year. First of all, because of the tax changes. The country of 45 million can not live only on external borrowing. It is necessary to reduce taxes to recover our economic growth. At the same time, it is necessary to agree it with the IMF, because without the next tranche the financial system of Ukraine will collapse", - wrote Lutsenko.

According to him, it is difficult but possible to do.

"Only after this development of the technical task of the new economic policy for the government it is possible and should be discussed who is able to implement it. There is no need, in my opinion, to agree this issue with other countries. It does not concern the names of or personal feelings to candidates" – said the politician.