"DNR" leader promises not to use kindergartens and schools as firing points 04/22/2021 12:46:16. Total views 698. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin has explained why the "republic's" administrative buildings, but not kindergartens and schools are laid with sandbags. Separatist media write about this.

People on social networks began to resent why the occupation administration was protecting itself, and not children of the Russian-occupied Donbas, from the mythical offensive.

According to Pushilin, this is because the buildings of the "DNR departments" can be involved in hostilities.

"I see messages on social networks, they write that schools and kindergartens are not being fortified. But schools and kindergartens will in no way be used for conducting some kind of shooting battles and other things. Administrative buildings will be involved at some stages, if Ukraine gets on the offensive", - the "DNR" leader said.

As reported by OstroV, the windows in the building of the so-called "city administration" in Donetsk (where the city council was located until the summer of 2014) were filled with sandbags.