Matios told about seized weapons and military equipment of Russian production in Donbass 03/21/2016 22:56:35. Total views 1099. Views today — 0.

Deputy Prosecutor General - the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios told about seized weapons and military equipment of Russia in Donbass, which are on the grounds of material evidence in the case of the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine. He stated it at the briefing in Kiev, - reports UNIAN.

"Investigators of the military Prosecutor’s Office collected, inspected and registered as material evidence military equipment, weapons and ammunition that have never been in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine or other law enforcement bodies," - he said.

"The seized items include those that are identifiable - 14 combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks,"Grad", airborne combat vehicles and others that have been examined and are at the sites of material evidence," - added Matios.

"123 units of small Russian weapons, 27 units of grenade launchers of various modifications that have never been produced by military-industrial complex of Ukraine either in the period of the Soviet era or later, and are in service with the Russian Armed Forces – these are Fagot anti-tank missile complexes, Shmel infantry flamethrowers, four units of Igla MANPADS, the same was used to destroy military aircraft IL-26 during the events in Luhansk airport,"- he said.

Over 100 thousand identified units of ammunition of 20 different items that were made on the territory of the Russian Federation according to the marking.

In addition, according to the Chief Military Prosecutor, one Forpost drone ", which due to all features and markings is recognized as Russian was seized, examined and recognized as material evidence.