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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on April 6, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed. This was reported by the East tactical force. The death of one of our servicemen occurred near the settlement of Nevelske as a result of mortar fire from the armed formations of the Russian Federation, and the second - as a result of the explosion of a military vehicle on an unknown explosive device near the settlement of Stepne.

Occupiers at the Marinka checkpoint handed over the body of our serviceman to the 10th Edelweiss Mountain Assault Brigade on April 6. This was reported on the brigade's Facebook. The soldier disappeared from the brigade in the evening on April 3 without weapons. He was characterized positively in the unit, he had no admonitions from the command. What exactly could have happened to the serviceman is not yet known. The versions of loss of orientation or abduction are considered. Representatives of the Russian occupation forces performed a procedure for handing over the body of the deceased serviceman at the checkpoint at Marinka on April 6.

Pumping station of the first rise of the Yuzhnodonbassky water pipeline came under fire from the militants on April 6. This was reported by the press service of the Voda Donbassa public utility company. The water supply to consumers has been stopped. Residents of about 50 settlements, both in CADO and in free Ukraine, were left without water.

The occupiers of CADO opened the Olenivka checkpoint, located opposite the Novotroitske checkpoint, for one day yesterday, on April 5. 198 people were able to use the humanitarian corridor in both directions, - the fake "DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations" reported on April 6. Thus, 20 vehicles and 88 people were let into the occupied territory. 26 vehicles and 110 people were let into the territory of free Ukraine. "15 people applied for assistance, 5 of them for medical assistance", - the occupants reported, having added that since the beginning of the year, 712 people have applied for assistance, 19 of them - for medical assistance.

Occupiers of the so-called "DNR" continue to take bribes and threaten the residents of CADO during the inspection of citizens' belongings at their Olenivka checkpoint. They wrote this in the separatist segment of social networks. "I would like to talk about the "work" of "the Ministry of State Security officers" at the Olenivka checkpoint. Yesterday, when checking documents and bags of the family leaving the "DNR", which lasted 1.5 hours (there were many things), documents for real estate located in the territory controlled by Ukraine were found. The documents were confirmed by all the necessary certificates of inheritance, death of the owner, kinship, etc. The employees politely reported that "documents of a foreign state cannot be IMPORTED and EXPORTED to/from the territory of the DNR", - the message said. "To the question "why were there no questions with these documents at the entrance to the "republic" and what regulatory documents stipulated the ban?", the answer was given - "we will call a group from Donetsk now and you will go to the department for investigation", - they threatened at the "DNR" checkpoint. The problem was resolved, although the message does not indicate the "price paid". The situation was "resolved on the spot", as it was necessary to urgently cross the checkpoints. A question to the leaders of these "campaigners" - did they share with you or not? And how does such an attitude towards people affect the "image" of the "republic" and "special services"?", - is naively worried in local social networks.

29 714 cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in the occupied areas of Donetsk oblast on April 6. Another 90 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed over the day, 9 patients died, - the fake "DNR Ministry of Health" reported. There were 2283 lethal cases during the pandemic. The mortality rate is several times higher than the Ukrainian and world indicators - 7.7% (2% - on the territory of free Ukraine and 2.2% - in the world). Currently, 6 114 patients are undergoing treatment. 96 cases of "usual" pneumonia were also recorded over the past day, which is 45 cases more than over the past day. Of these, 79 patients required hospitalization. In total, 1042 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 512 are on oxygen support (+23 over the day).

An explosion occurred at the entrance of a residential building in occupied Donetsk on April 6. This was announced by Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself the head of the city "administration", on a social network. The incident occurred in the Kalininskyi district at the entrance of the house on 20 Ovnatanyan Street. "A man found a package containing an explosive device. The victim was sent to the hospital", - Kulemzin wrote. According to the so-called "DNR Ministry of Health", it became known later that the man who found the suspicious package lost a phalanx of his finger as a result of the explosion.