"LNR" propagandists accuse Ukraine of shelling school, manipulating OSCE SMM data 03/30/2021 13:48:27. Total views 807. Views today — 0.

The "LNR" propagandists accuse Ukraine of shelling a school in Zolote, manipulating data from the OSCE SMM. This follows from a comparison of the message of the so-called "people's militia" (the self-designation of the illegal armed formations of the "LNR" – OstroV) and the Mission's report.

Thus, the "DNR" occupiers claim that the AFU are systematically firing at civilian infrastructure. "The OSCE mission recorded damage to a school in the village of Zolotoe-5. This is confirmed by the planned shelling of the civilian infrastructure by the militants of the 92nd brigade", - the message says.

Meanwhile, the OSCE SMM report does indeed mention the damage to the school. At the same time, the data provided by the Mission does not allow drawing conclusions about the "systematic shelling", since the monitors recorded only a small bullet hole in the glazing of the doors of the educational institution. "The observers saw a hole (5-10 mm in diameter) in the glazing of the wooden doors facing west-north-west on the first floor of an operating school on March 26, in the presence of 4 members of the armed formations (with armbands with the inscription "JCCC")… The damage is estimated to have recently occurred as a result of the small arms fire", - the report says. It does not indicate in any way the party which fired the given shot.

The only "evidence" against the AFU, which the local propagandists were able to present to the Mission observers, was a bullet lying next to the damaged door. "On the concrete pavement in front of… the door, the observers noticed a bullet (5.45 mm caliber; it was not possible to determine when it was there)", - the Mission observers reported.

Thus, the OSCE SMM does not confirm the fact of shelling of the school at the time indicated by the "LNR" militants and does not name the firing party. In addition, the recorded damage does not in any way indicate the targeted shelling of civilian infrastructure.