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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on March 15, 4 violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded, - the JFO headquarters reported. The occupiers opened fire from an 82-mm mortar prohibited by the Minsk agreements in the area of ​​responsibility of the East tactical force, not far from the settlement of Verkhniotoretske, and from a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher - not far from the village of Hnutove. The Russian occupation troops fired at the positions of our units from large-caliber machine guns near Vodiane in Pryazovia. The enemy fired from automatic heavy-duty grenade launchers in the area of ​​responsibility of the North tactical force in the suburbs of the settlement of Pivdenne. There are no combat losses among Ukrainian soldiers.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin boasted that the illegal armed formations had received another batch of Russian military equipment, Russian off-road vehicles UAZ this time. This was said on the "official website" of the occupiers' leader. "The first batch of UAZ Patriot Pickup vehicles, which will improve the mobility and combat capabilities of units, have been handed over to the People's Militia today", - the message said. The "DNR" leader did not specify where the supplies of Russian military equipment came from to the occupied territory. Officially, the puppet authorities of the "DNR" claim that they are fighting with "captured weapons".

The "DNR" militants and propagandists are asking the authorities of the unrecognized Abkhazia to release militant Akhra Avidzba, arguing that the mercenary took part in the war against Ukraine on the side of the Russian occupation forces. This was said in a letter allegedly from "citizens of the Donetsk People's Republic". It said that they were asking "the leaders of the Republic of Abkhazia to provide every assistance in the release of your son and our brother, commander of the volunteer militia units, hero of the DPR, Colonel Akhra Avidzba, who was detained on March 4, 2021 by the State Security Service of the Republic of Abkhazia". Those who signed this letter called themselves "public figures", although in reality, they are the "DNR" militants and propagandists, who support the Russian occupation of Donbas. Speaker of the "people's militia" Eduard Basurin, creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion, former employee of the SBU Alexander Khodakovsky and others are among the "public figures".

In the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, the so-called "LNR court" sentenced a resident of Alchevsk to 12 years in prison, having accused him of "high treason". This was said in the message of the "LNR Prosecutor General's Office". In it, the occupiers wrote that, allegedly, "the SBU officers recruited a resident of Alchevsk in March 2019, when he was in the territory of the Luhansk region controlled by Kyiv", and the man allegedly transmitted information to his curator for almost a year. "However, he was exposed and detained by employees of the LNR Ministry of State Security", - the message said. The man was found guilty of committing "high treason" by a "court verdict", and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

986 residents in the occupied Donetsk region are being treated for "usual" pneumonia, of which 469 are on oxygen support. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". Occupiers of the "DNR" revealed 44 cases of pneumonia during the day, of which 30 patients were hospitalized. Also, 17 more people need oxygen support over the day. Let us note that CADO refuses to associate pneumonia with coronavirus infection and give separate statistics on it. As of March 15, a total of 26 488 cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed in CADO, 5732 patients are being treated, 2128 people died. The mortality remains at a critically high level of 8.03%.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" increased the cost of travel in public transport. This follows from the announcements posted in the route taxi cabs and messages in the separatist media. Thus, the fare for public transport has been raised by 2 Russian rubles - from 10 to 12 rubles. The fare for public suburban and intercity bus routes increases by 0.2 ruble per kilometer.

Carriers in occupied Makiivka want to increase fares for public transport. This was reported by separatist media. It is not yet known whether the fare in occupied Donetsk will increase. At the moment, the cost of travel in the buses of Makiivka is 10 rubles, in the city electric transport - 5 rubles, in Donetsk - 6 rubles; in fixed-route taxis - from 11 to 12 rubles and from 10 to 11 rubles respectively.

More than 44 thousand subscribers will remain without water supply in occupied Shakhtarsk on March 16 and 17. This was reported by the occupation "administration" of the city. There will be no water due to the repair of the main water conduit. In particular, subscribers will remain without water supply in the old part of the city, the Central City Hospital, mine areas 30, 16, 31, 15, 12, the village of Fominska mine, as well as from the Vostoxhnyi micro-district to the central part of the city. Also, the water supply to the village of Olkhovchyk, the settlement of Stozhkivske and the village of Moskovske will be reduced by 30%.

There have been two killings with stab wounds in occupied Donetsk over the past weekend. The resident was taken to the hospital because of a stabbing. This was reported by the so-called "DNR MIA". So, the body of a local resident, born in 1987, with knife wounds was found in the Budonivskyi district. A previously convicted malefactor was detained. Also, a local resident discovered the corpse of a man, born in 1958, with knife wounds in the Proletarskyi district of the city. A previously convicted intruder was detained. In addition, a 25-year-old city woman with a knife wound was delivered to one of the Donetsk medical institutions. The message about the incident came from doctors in the Budonivskyi district. A man, suspected of causing the specified bodily harm, was detained.

The price of gasoline, gas and diesel fuel went up at gas stations in CADO. This was reported by separatist media. In particular, the price of AI-95 and AI-92 gasoline increased by 2 rubles. Now the cost of gasoline of these standards is 51 and 50 rubles respectively. In addition, the price of gas and diesel fuel increased by 1 ruble - 51 and 30 rubles respectively.

The Donetsk filtration station will temporarily suspend work on March 16. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Construction of the DNR". The reason for the shutdown of the DFS is the execution of scheduled work on power equipment. "As a result of the shutdown, the reduction in the water supply to 20% is possible in the Kyivskyi, Kuibyshevskyi, Kirovskyi, Petrovsky and partly Leninskyi districts of Donetsk from 08:00 on 16.03.2021 to 17.03.2021", - the message said. Also, the supply of cold water to the village of Vasylivka of the Yasynuvata district will be completely stopped for this period.

Unknown patriots made a trail with inscription "ПТН ПНХ" (an off-tone insult to Russian President Vladimir Putin, comparable to the English "Fuck you, Putin") on the snow that covered Lenin Square in occupied Donetsk.