"DNR/LNR" troops to hold out for only few hours without Russia in the event of situation aggravation - "war correspondent" of Russian Federation 03/11/2021 17:22:27. Total views 732. Views today — 0.

In the event of a military escalation in the Donbas, the illegal armed formations of the CADLO will be able to hold out for only a few hours without the help of Russian troops. This forecast was given by Russian propagandist Yuriy Kotenok on his video channel.

"Without Russian intervention, in the event of a large-scale enemy offensive, the republics of Donbas can slow down, suspend and delay the enemy's offensive in a number of directions, but they cannot completely repel it without Russia", - he stated.

"In the event of a local provocation, for example, in the Donetsk direction with a timely response, when a breakthrough is stopped, the Donbas can cope on its own", - the "war correspondent" assures, specifying that even in this case, it will be necessary to connect anti-aircraft missile systems and means and electronic warfare of the "north wind" (this way, Russian propagandists call the open use of the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbas - OstroV).

Kotenok believes that it is necessary to "calculate the most difficult options".

"There is no euphoria, we should prepare for the worst. A number of strongholds of defense of the people's militia (self-designation of the "DNR/LNR" illegal armed formations - OstroV)… may find themselves in a tactical operational and fire mousetrap… Then the fighters will fight with limited forces and means in a complete entrapment", - he soberly assesses the fighting efficiency of the "republics" own forces.

At the same time, according to the "war correspondent", the subdivisions of the "people's militia" should hold out for several hours until regular Russian troops enter the Donbas. "The task… is to hold out for several hours, about half a day, in order for help to arrive, the blockade is lifted, so that the enemy is inflicted with fire, inflicted unacceptable damage. In the event of a critical level of losses, the AFU command will abandon the original plans, assume a defensive and will be forced to retreat to the initial lines", - he draws a scenario of hostilities in the Donbas after the intervention of the Russian army.

At the same time, Kotenok is sure that the Kremlin will not need much time to make a decision to send troops into eastern Ukraine.

"It is impossible to talk about how long it will take for Moscow to make the decisions - decisions are made instantly", - the Russian propagandist competently states.

"Another matter - how long it will take for these decisions to be implemented. As practice shows, - he confirms, that this is not the first time the "north wind" saves the "DNR/LNR" from complete defeat, - it will take at least 2 hours for advance and assistance to the republics that find themselves in a difficult situation".

"This concerns the units of the joint detachments of rapid reaction. As for the supply of armored vehicles, deployment and artillery systems, multiple launch rocket systems, this will take more time", - Kotenok believes.