"DNR" occupiers intend to introduce special passes for departure of citizens from zone of occupation 03/04/2021 15:58:43. Total views 955. Views today — 0.

Authorities of the "DNR" intend to let civilians from the occupation zone through the demarcation line on special passes after fingerprinting. This is said in the message of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group in the Telegram channel.

It predicts that the "DNR" occupiers are going to adopt the so-called "law" on crossing the demarcation line in the near future, according to which a certain permitting procedure will be introduced for the departure of persons from CADO to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

If this "law" is adopted, crossing the demarcation line will become possible only if there is a pass issued by the "DNR internal affairs bodies" for a period of 6 months.

Prerequisites for the issuance of such a pass are the passage of dactyloscopy registration by civilians, photographing and checking their personal communication tools.

The vehicle will also need to have a pass.

"It is possible that a similar "regulatory act" is being developed by the occupation administration of the occupied Luhansk oblast. This will lead to further isolation of the residents of the temporarily occupied territories from the territory of Ukraine, which is controlled by the government, and is now being implemented under the guise of counteracting the spread of a new coronavirus infection", - Ukrainian delegation of TCG noted.