30-year-old man detonated grenade at home in CADO - his child is on life support 02/24/2021 13:38:27. Total views 784. Views today — 0.

A resident, through whose fault a child was seriously injured, was detained in occupied Snizhne. This is reported by the so-called "DNR MIA".

The 30-year-old man caused grievous harm to the health of his daughter as a result of careless handling of a grenade. He faces "criminal responsibility" for what he has done.

The emergency message came from the ambulance station - medical assistance was provided to a child born in 2019, who was diagnosed with an open craniocerebral trauma, a fracture of the right fronto-parietal bone, a displaced brain contusion, a foreign body in the brain substance and a coma.

It is also reported that the child's father had previously been "involved in illegal possession of weapons and ammunition".