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Two violations of the ceasefire were recorded in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on February 15, - the JFO headquarters reported. The Russian-occupation troops conducted unaimed fire towards the Ukrainian positions from an anti-tank grenade launcher in the area of ​​responsibility of the East tactical force near Slavne. The occupiers carried out provocative shelling from an automatic heavy grenade launcher and a large-caliber machine gun in the area of ​​responsibility of the North tactical force not far from the settlement of Svitlodarsk. There are no combat losses among our soldiers.

Unknown persons blew up the commander of battalion of the occupation forces nicknamed "Long" in his own car in occupied Horlivka. This was reported by the separatist publics on the social network. "A terrorist attack was committed in Horlivka about an hour ago. An improvised explosive device installed on the bottom of the car of the battalion commander with the call sign "Long", who was taking his daughter to school at that time, was activated. The battalion commander and his daughter are currently in the hospital", - the report said. This refers to native of Horlivka Sergey Popov. According to the Merotvorets, he was part of the "Self-defense of Crimea" during the occupation of Crimea. Then he returned to Horlivka, entered into the inner circle of Igor Bezler. According to the latest information provided by local propagandists, doctors assess the condition of the militant as moderate. Provisional diagnosis: multiple shrapnel wounds of the lower extremities, shrapnel fracture of the hip. The girl has a concussion and shock, there are no other visible injuries, she is being examined by doctors.

As expected, the so-called "people's militia of the DNR" accused the Ukrainian side of the attempted assassination of the battalion commander of the occupation forces Sergey Popov. The "DNR" militants stated that the AFU special forces could sabotage in the deep rear of CADO in a matter of hours. "Ukrainian militants from the joint detachment of the West separate special purpose center organized the explosion of a car in Horlivka, in which there was a serviceman of the DNR people's militia", - the militants' statement said. According to local propagandists, the order to blow up the car of the Horlivka militant Sergey Popov was issued after "the President of Ukraine instructed Chief of the General Staff Ruslan Khomchak to personally come to the conflict zone in the Donbas to conduct an investigation" into the deaths of three Ukrainian soldiers with an unknown explosive device.

The security forces began "working off" the territory in occupied Horlivka, where a car of one of the "DNR" ringleaders Sergey Popov (callsigns "Long", "Duremar") exploded in the morning of February 15, having blocked the entrance-exit and the city center. This was reported in the Eastern Human Rights Group (EHRG). According to the EHRG, there are detainees. The human rights activists also reported that Sergey Popov was a henchman of militant and one of the leaders of the "DNR" illegal armed formations Bezler, took part in the occupation of Crimea. "Our sources of information report that Sergey Popov and head of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation in Horlivka Ivan Prikhodko have had a conflict for a long time. Popov and Prikhodko cannot share the export of scrap metal from Horivka and are fighting for every little)", - the message said.

Puppet authorities of the "DNR" stated that they "formed the agenda" of the next TCG conference, which included a number of claims against the Ukrainian side. This was stated in the message of Vladislav Moskovskiy, who calls himself "the press secretary of the DNR delegation" at the Minsk talks. "Five main topics are included in the agenda of videoconference of the Contact Group on the Conflict Resolution in the Donbas, scheduled for February 17", - he wrote. According to the "press secretary", talks of four specialized subgroups are scheduled for February 16 - on political, economic, humanitarian and security issues. At the same time, Moskovskiy "forgot" to mention that the Contact Group is in fact a Trilateral Contact Group. It includes Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE, and in no way includes the fake "DNR/LNR". Even the names of the "republics" of Donbas do not appear in the Minsk agreements.

It was announced in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast that the "DNR" militants would now be able to obtain "a certificate of a combatant". The relevant "certificate" is provided for the families of the killed militants. For its registration, the "DNR" occupiers require "to apply to the military registration and enlistment office at the place of registration, submit a written appeal, attach a package of documents to the application", among which, in addition to a photo, there must be copies of a passport or address certificate and "documents confirming direct participation in hostilities for the protection of the "DNR" (combat missions performances)". The period during which the commission will consider the "case" is determined up to 30 days, which, if necessary, can be extended for another 30 calendar days.

Workers of the "DNR" enterprise Makiivpogruztrans in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast complain that they receive a salary of $110 per month. They wrote this in social networks. "Highly skilled workers, who ensure the safety of train traffic in the Makiivpogruztrans state-owned enterprise, are choking on beggarly wage… Engine crews are calling for public attention… How can you live off $110 a month against the backdrop of rising prices for housing and utilities and food prices…" , - the message said. Residents of CADO comment on the information on the social network: "Unfortunately, $110 salary is a reality", "The main thing is that the driver does not feed Ukraine…".

It was calculated in occupied Donetsk that the renovation of the Yunost Youth Palace would cost $19 million. Separatist media wrote this with reference to the words of Sergey Naumets, who calls himself "the minister of construction, housing and utilities of the DNR". According to him, the project is already completely ready and is now under construction expertise. "After receiving the conclusion, I think all the necessary documentation will be fully ready by March. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of reconstruction is about $19 million", - Naumets said. According to him, of this money, about $10.2 million are needed for construction and installation works and about $8.9 million - for technical equipment. Residents in social networks are already commenting on the news, lamenting how many millions will be "sawed" on this "project".

Once extremely popular entertainment establishments are put up for sale in occupied Donetsk - the Faces night club and the House of Synoptics restaurant, as well as the Shafran hotel and restaurant complex. The relevant ads were posted on one of the popular portals. The announcement of the sale of Safran was published on February 10. "This property is unique in its history in our beloved city", - the announcement said. The cost of the object is almost $1 million minus one thousand.

The so-called "customs officers" of the "LNR" withdrew about $41 thousand and a car at the Chervonopartyzansk checkpoint, separatist media wrote. It was reported that during the examination of the driver and passenger of a passenger car, "funds hidden from the customs control were found" in their belongings and under their clothes "The total amount of cash equivalent to about $41 thousand exceeds the maximum allowable amount for moving across the customs border without a mandatory written declaration. The funds and the vehicle have been withdrawn", - the occupiers stated.

Four murders were registered in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast over the past weekend, - the fake "DNR MIA" reported. Some details were reported only about two crimes, the suspects of which were detained. So, the body of a local resident, born in 1995, with numerous injuries was found in Makiivka. The suspect has been detained. Another corpse of a city dweller, born in 1972, with a head injury was found in Yenakiieve. A man suspected of causing bodily harm was detained.