The road of death. The bus, going from occupied Donetsk to Moscow, got in an accident 12/08/2015 16:46:56. Total views 1094. Views today — 0.

The bus, going from occupied Donetsk to Moscow, had an accident in the Voronezh region of Russia. It is reported by the DAN separatist website.

"Another bus got in a traffic accident in the Voronezh region. Five residents of the “DPR” are being examined at the hospital in the Bobrov town"- said the spokesman.

According to the report, there were 11 persons in the bus during the accident - two drivers and nine passengers including two children. Both drivers are now at the venue of the accident, four passengers are going to Moscow. "Convoy of EM will go for those people who are at the hospital. It has been already formed and will leave today", - said the "EM".

As previously reported, the accident with the bus Moscow-Donetsk took place on November 30th. According to the Voronezh Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF, the driver lost control in a freezing rain and slid into a ditch. As a result, the bus overturned. Inside there were 21 passengers. It reported that four Ukrainians died in the accident. Another resident of the occupied part of Donetsk region, injured in the Moscow-Donetsk bus accident, died in a hospital of Bobrov inVoronezh region on December 5th