Leader of "DNR" admits monstrous shortage of medical workers in occupied territory 02/05/2021 12:32:52. Total views 1151. Views today — 1.

The greatest shortage of doctors is observed in the medical institutions of occupied Debaltseve, Snizhne, Horlivka and Khartsyzsk. This fact was recognized by the "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin.

"The shortage of doctors reaches 50% of the total percentage of staffing positions in remote areas. This is a large enough figure to practically sound the alarm… The situation of the provision with middle and junior medical personnel is not better. There are quite a lot of doctors of retirement age", - Pushilin noted.

According to him, the shortage of doctors in Debaltsevo is at the level of 54%, in the Telmanove district - 46.6%, in Snizhne - 45.6%. A significant shortage of doctors is observed in Horlivka - 45.3% and Khartsyzsk - 41.9%. The situation is a little better in Dokuchaievsk, Shakhtarsk and the Amvrosiivska district. There are 38.3%, 35.2% and 32.4% of doctors missing, respectively.

The "DNR" leader ordered to reduce the shortage of medical workers at the expense of students and interns of separatist clone of the Donetsk National University. In addition, it is planned to introduce compulsory distribution for graduates of the local medical "university" in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast.