Zakharchenko, offering Nuland "to ping-pong her negroes", changed his mind and called her "an experienced diplomat" (Video) 03/17/2016 22:27:57. Total views 1123. Views today — 0.

After insulting remarks toward the head of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs of the US State Department Victoria Nuland, the so-called "head of the DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko called her "an experienced diplomat" and "educated person". He described so the US polician in his statement commenting of the appeal of Nuland to Russia and "DPR" to ensure full ceasefire.

Meanwhile, yesterday after receiving the "republican" passport, Zakharchenko refused to answer journalists' questions about the statement of "Mrs. Nuland."

"Remind me who this Mrs. Nuland is ... I don’t know any Mrs. Nuland in the Ukrainian legal field... And if Mrs. is from the USA, it is generally across the ocean from us. I do not understand what America has to do with us - they are not involved in any Minsk agreements or Normandy format. This isn’t America’s business - let them ping-pong her negroes ... ," - rudely avoided the question the militants’ leader.

For some unknown reason Zakharchenko decided to answer Victoria Nuland’s call today. Militant did it in the form of an official statement, in which he replaced disparaging rhetoric with close to the diplomatic style.

"Victoria Nuland is an experienced diplomat and educated person, she should understand that in the situation when in fact the two armies are standing right next to each other, it is impossible to provide a regime of complete ceasefire and from one side. If this happens, the other side will think that it is a capitulation, - says the statement of the leader of the "DPR".

"Previously, Nuland said that Russia, DPR and LPR were the first to fulfill their obligations in the sphere of security provided by the Minsk agreements. Allegedly only then, according to her, Kiev can start to fulfil their part of the agreements in the political sphere," – he reminded Victoria Nuland’s address, which he previously refused even to comment.