"Why are we still not in NATO?" Zelensky has a question for Biden 02/01/2021 14:26:02. Total views 813. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants help from the USA, led by Joseph Biden, in the confrontation with Russia and assistance in Ukraine's movement towards NATO. He told this in an interview with the American Axios, - Voice of America reports.

Zelensky would like Ukraine and the USA to "enter a new stage and take a new path".

"I sincerely wish Joe Biden success with all the challenges he faces. As for Ukraine, I would like us to enter a new stage and take a new path. President Biden said that he was worried and continued to worry and work for the safety in Europe. This is important for us, because the safety in Europe is about us. The war in the east of Ukraine continues, the aggression of the Russian Federation continues, as well as the Crimea annexation. Therefore, I would like the USA and, in particular, President Biden, who is quite familiar with Ukraine, to help us get out of this truly tragic situation", - Zelensky noted.

When asked what kind of the U.S. assistance Ukraine was counting on, he answered:

"We are grateful for everything. But if we, Ukrainians, and Ukraine want to be an equal member of the alliance, an equal member of NATO… This is one of the most important security issues - the very security that President Biden is talking about. In that case, I have quite a simple question: Mr. President, why are we still not in NATO? ", - the President of Ukraine answered.

Zelensky noted that if Ukraine were a NATO member, then there would be no escalation in the Donbas.