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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on January 26, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was wounded as a result of the enemy's shelling of our positions in the area of Popasna, - the JFO headquarters reported. The wounded received medical assistance, his condition is critical. In addition, two more ceasefire violations were recorded in the area of ​​responsibility of the East tactical force: the armed formations of the Russian Federation opened fire from an anti-tank grenade launcher and a large-caliber machine gun not far from Avdiivka, and in the suburb of Marinka, Ukrainian defenders recorded several shots of sniper of the Russian-occupation troops. Our soldiers returned fire to the enemy shelling.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" announced that they would not allow Ukraine to carry out any repair work on the contact line. This was stated by Alexey Nikonorov, who calls himself "the DNR representative in the Contact Group". According to him, the refusal to coordinate any actions on the demarcation line with Kyiv will remain in effect until Ukraine agrees to cooperate with the self-proclaimed "republics" of Donbas to develop some "viable mechanism for observing the ceasefire". At the same time, the occupiers cannot confirm their accusations with objective facts.

262 new cases of coronavirus infection were diagnosed in the occupied territory of Donetsk region over the day. This was reported by the so-called "DNR Ministry of Health". In addition, 25 deaths have been reported. In total, 19 484 cases of coronavirus disease were confirmed in CADO as of January 26, 7260 people are being treated and 1727 people have died. Thus, the mortality rate is 8.86, which is significantly higher than in the free Ukrainian territory of the Donetsk region. The occupiers also reported that 92 cases of pneumonia were detected over the day (which are not associated with COVID-19), which is 48 cases more than in the past day. Of these, 62 patients were hospitalized. In total, 1646 patients with pneumonia are on treatment, of which 652 are on oxygen support (+25 over the day).

A table of new tariffs for utilities from the "DPR", which they are going to adopt in the coming days, has been posted in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast, - separatist segment of social networks reported. For example, "war correspondent Medvedev" wrote: "No matter how much you want the old terms, the rumors were confirmed. As it became known from the words of the head of the republican service for tariffs of the DNR, the utilities in the republic may rise in price from February - the corresponding plans are now being discussed in the government". The separatists immediately remind of tariffs on free Ukrainian territory to smooth over the negative news. At the same time, the residents of CADO retort in the comments that there are higher salaries in the controlled territory of Donetsk oblast, specifying that the "DNR" ostensibly tried to raise the salaries of local "officials", but they began to receive even less in reality, since the previously received allowances were removed.

173 people crossed the line of demarcation in both directions through the Olenivka checkpoint on the occupied part of the territory of Donetsk oblast on January 25. This was said in the summary of the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR" for January 26. So, 19 vehicles and 78 people were let in. The occupiers let out 21 vehicles and 95 people to the free territory of Ukraine. "26 people have applied for assistance, 2 of them - for medical assistance. 105 people have applied for assistance since the beginning of the year, 5 of them - for medical assistance", - the report said.

Two men fell through the ice of the mine settling basin in occupied Chystiakove (formerly Torez). This was said in the summary of the fake "DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations". The incident occurred in the village of Shakhty 9/10, st. Brianska, settling pond No.8. "Two men fell through the ice on the pond, while fishing. A local resident pulled out of the water a citizen, born in 1958, whom rescuers changed into dry clothes and handed over to the emergency medical personnel", - the report said. The body of the second fisherman, born in 1959, was taken to the shore with a rope and handed over to the "DNR police".

The Luhanskvoda enterprise, controlled by the "LNR" militants suspended water supply to four cities in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast due to repairs at the main water pipeline, separatist media wrote. "In connection with the formed leaks on the ZFS-3 - ZFS-4 main water pipeline with a diameter of 1200 mm and the need to eliminate them, the water supply to the cities of Pervomaisk, Stakhanov, Kirovsk and Brianka will be temporarily suspended (partially) on January 27 from 00:00", - the occupiers' message said. In addition, the water supply to Rovenky and a number of settlements in the Sorokyne and Dovzhansk districts was stopped due to accidents at the main water pipelines. "Due to accidents at the Novosvitlovsk and Rovenky main water pipelines, the water supply to the cities of Rovenky, Sverdlovsk, Molodohvardiysk, part of the city of Sukhodilsk, as well as to settlements of the Krasnodon and Sverdlovsky districts was stopped on January 26 from 7:00", - the message said.