Heidi Grau deprives "public advisers" from "DNR/LNR" in TCG of right to vote on behalf of OSCE - Harmash 01/22/2021 15:50:45. Total views 823. Views today — 0.

The so-called "public advisers" from the "DNR/LNR", whom the puppet authorities of the "republics" introduced to the membership of the Trilateral Contact Group without prior permission, were deprived of the right to vote. Representative of CADO in the TCG Serhiy Harmash wrote this on his Facebook.

He recalled that certain people, whom the CADLO representatives had recommended as "public advisers", introduced into the Group by "Foreign Ministry notes" of the non-existent quasi-republics, appeared at the TCG meeting on January 19. S.Harmash predicted that these people would be used in the future to disrupt the discussion of real issues.

However, according to him, "a scandal on Thursday was avoided".

Foreseeing the debate around the appearance of the "DNR/LNR" "public experts" at the talks, Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office in Ukraine and in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), Ambassador Heidi Grau has effectively deprived them of the right to vote. "Only representatives of the Russian Federation and Ukraine have the right to speak at the TCG. As well as Mrs. Nikanorova and Mr. Danego, proceeding from tradition. All the others are speaking at my invitation and at the request of heads of the delegations of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as Mrs. Nikanorova and Mr. Danego", - Serhiy Harmash quoted Heidi Grau's words.

"This way, given that such an order of speeches was initially, the status quo was retained in the TCG, no "public experts" from incomprehensible "Foreign Ministries" were included in it. Some people, however, were present in the background of "ladies and gentlemen", but no one gave them a word, and the background of Nikanorova and Danego is their personal business", - he summed up.