Like in Europe. Head of Ministry of Health promises establishment of "vaccination passports" in Ukraine 01/15/2021 14:37:02. Total views 757. Views today — 1.

Ukrainians will receive the same COVID vaccination passports that are being introduced in the EU countries. This was stated by Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov on the air of the Ukraine 24 channel.

Responding to a journalist's question that he allegedly failed the president's job to purchase vaccines and that the EU countries are already introducing so-called "covid passports" on vaccination against COVID and "Ukrainians will be isolated because of this", the minister replied: "Everything that you say about passports and all other documents that will be received by citizens of the European Union, they will also be received by citizens of Ukraine".

He added that mass vaccination in Ukraine will start in February.

Earlier, chief sanitary doctor Viktor Liashko stated that every family doctor would issue an international certificate of vaccination against COVID-19.

As previously reported, people in Poland, vaccinated against COVID-19, would receive a vaccination confirmation document.