The leader of "DPR" wrapped up a deal in Yasinovataya: Gubarev is again left without a "post" 03/17/2016 15:10:48. Total views 1170. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko appointed a new "mayor" in occupied Yasinovataya. This is evidenced by the "decree" as of March 10th published on the website of the pseudorepublic.

"Appoint Shekhovtsov Dmitry as acting head of the city administration in Yasinovataya," - said i it.

At the same time, Zakharchenko "fired" Yuriy Yanenko from this "post" by "decree" as of March 9th, who according to previously released "documents" hasn’t been the "mayor" of Yasinovataya for a long time in connection with the appointment of ex- "people's governor" Pavel Gubarev on this post.

Thus, in the end of January the website of so-called "DPR" published "decree" that Zakharchenko "appointed" Gubarev as acting "head of the city administration" in occupied Yasinovataya. Gubarev was supposed to be "acting head of the city administration Yasinovataya" as of January 28th. However, there was a demonstration in Yasinovataya against Gubarev and "decree" disappeared from the fake web site of the "republic".

Later Zakharchenko, according to separatist media, met with Yasinovataya residents protesting against Gubarev’s appointment as the "head of the city administration" and asked not to oppose the decision. Yuriy Yanenko, who until then had been the "mayor" of occupied Yasinovataya until thenm was said allegedly "to be promoted to the deputy minister of industrial policy." Zakharchenko also promised "rebels" to increase the "budget" of the city and "solve the most burning issues: repair roads affected by the fighting, give additional financing and commission a number of important objects of the city, the complete construction of which has been delayed by the war."