Ten more patients died from "covid" in CADO 01/11/2021 13:42:29. Total views 847. Views today — 0.

167 cases of coronavirus disease were detected in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast over the past day, January 10. Ten patients have died. These are the data provided by the fake "DNR Ministry of Health".

In total, as of the morning of January 11, there were 16 209 registered cases of COVID-19 infection in CADO and 1448 deaths (as of January 9, there were 1438). Thus, the death rate from "covid" is 8.93%, which is several times higher than the same indicator in the free Ukrainian territory.

The occupiers also provide statistics on the cases of pneumonia, which they refuse to associate with the coronavirus. So, 64 cases of pneumonia were detected over the day. 35 patients were hospitalized.

A total of 1739 patients with "usual" pneumonia are being treated, of which 671 are on oxygen support (+8 over the day).