Militant Khodakovsky declared his readiness to leave the "DPR". "If Zakharchenko is so afraid of me" 03/16/2016 23:11:55. Total views 1125. Views today — 0.

The leader of the Vostok gang Aleksander Khodakovsky said that the so-called "head of the DNR" Aleksander Zakharchenko had received a command in Moscow to destroy the terrorist battalion and neutralize Khodakovsky. The disgraced former "National Security Secretary of the DPR" wrote it on his page in LiveJournal.

"All sources witnessed increased activity in private rooms, where meetings were held and commands were give. The reason for that was the return of Aleksander Zakharchenko from Moscow, where he received strong recommendations from the "evil spin doctors" to crush everything that is not developed in their offices in order to avoid political competition," - wrote Khodakovsky.

"Let me remind you, the first step to fight against us was, on the one hand, effectively – they seized our offices, removed all the symbols from the streets, organized a "campaign" for tweaks and injections, including that mockery of the deputy commission, and on the other hand - not very efficiently, because we are still alive,"- ironically said the militant.

"Today buses transporting passengers for free from the Oktyabersk and Ploshchadki were arrested, yesterday we left our head office without any resistance, where we spend the last year and a half: what ele do you need, guys? Tell us, we’ll pay the price. But don’t be crazy. I twice prevented Sanya Zakharchenko from destroying the Republic by staging a massacre with ours, that he wished, don’t let him do this again, so I advise to temper the pride of his faithful vassals. Yesterday the "minister" of defense met loyal commanders in his office, requiring them to report on the readiness to act against Vostok and set them the task to identify the places of units’ deployment and activists’ residence," - writes Khodakovsky.

The leader of Vostok said that he was ready to leave the territory controlled by militants in Donetsk region. "If Zakharchenko is so afraid of me, for his calmness I am ready to leave the territory," - he wrote.

Khodakovsky Aleksander is a former employee of the SSU, since the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine he broke the oath and became one of the leaders of Donbass terrorists. In the struggle for power and control over cash flows he was in confrontation with the so-called "head of the DPR" Aleksander Zakharchenko.