State will deprive migrants of payments, they have lost everything but saved more than 13 thousand hryvnias 03/16/2016 20:16:51. Total views 1033. Views today — 0.

State deprive migrants who have saved more than 13 thousand hryvnias in the bank of payments. This was announced by the creative producer of the Department of Journalist Investigative of 1 +1 Alexander Dubinsky on his Facebook page.

The Ministry of Finance has sent a telegram to the banks, which obliged them to submit information on the accounts of "displaced persons" - that is, forced migrants.

"Mrs. Yaresko requests to indicate whether any of the family members of forced migrants had on their accounts money in the amount of 10 living wages - at least for one day during the period from 1.10.14 to 03.01.16 (12180-13780 hryvnias). If there was, than such families of internally displaced persons will not be paid for utilities, rent and compensation, according to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers №505. Have you appreciated universal justice of our government?" - wrote Dubinsky.

"Wait ... You have got 13 thousand hryvnias on the account... So, you're a rich man ... Can you pay your patriotism (refusal to live on the occupied territory OstroV) on your own? Go away quickly .... Notice the wording: "verification of the information provided for the allocation of social payments, pensions, benefits and other payments"- soon, very soon Mrs. Yaresko will come for you," - he added.