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Situation in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on December 2 was controlled by Ukrainian defenders, - the JFO headquarters reported. Two violations of agreements by the Russian occupation forces have been recorded in the areas of responsibility of our brigades since the beginning of the day. So, the enemy opened fire from an automatic grenade launcher in the area of ​​responsibility of the East tactical force, not far from the settlement of Vodiane. In addition, the enemy carried out remote mining of the positions of our troops in the same sector, using several prohibited POM-2 mines. There are no combat losses and injuries as a result of shots among the Ukrainian defenders.

Occupiers of the "DNR" recognized 148 cases of coronavirus disease and 15 deaths over the past day. These are the data of the fake "DNR Ministry of Health". In total, 10 977 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recognized in the "republic" on December 2, of which 1034 were fatal. Thus, the mortality rate is 9.42%, which is several times higher than that in the free territory of Ukraine and in the world. Also, 97 cases of "usual" pneumonia were detected in CADO over the day, of which hospitalization was required in 71 cases. In total, 1542 patients with pneumonia are undergoing treatment, of which 490 are on oxygen support (+5 over the day).

Doctors registered 1795 cases of coronavirus infection in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast since the beginning of the pandemic. It is known about three deaths over the past day.

More than one hundred thousand bank cards of pensioners from CADO await their owners at the Oschadbank branches in the Donetsk oblast. Head of the Oschadbank regional department Svitlana Yakivchik informed about this. She recalled that the verification of cardholders was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For pensioners from CADO, the procedure is extended for the quarantine period and another 60 days after its end. Currently, there are 280 thousand pensioners among IDPs in the Donetsk oblast.

A clone of the Ukrainian Design and Engineering Technological Institute (DETI) is being liquidated in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. This is said in the "order of the DNR government". "The term of the liquidation procedure will be 6 months from the date of entry into force of the adopted regulatory legal act", - the occupiers stated. The DETI was founded in 1965 and was seized by the "DNR" invaders in 2015. The institution specialized in improving the technology level and efficiency of the coal machine-building plants through the development and implementation of advanced technology, comprehensive mechanization and automation of production processes, etc.

5 pedestrians were hit in a road accident in CADO over the day. This was reported by the fake "DNR MIA". So, a 19-year-old driver of an Opel Vectra car hit a 17-year-old pedestrian crossing the carriageway of Postysheva Street in the Voroshylovskyi district of Donetsk. The Donetsk resident was injured as a result of the road accident. At a signalized intersection In the Kalininskyi district of Donetsk, a 56-year-old driver of a Toyota Camry at hit a 55-year-old woman who was crossing the carriageway when there was a green traffic light. The woman was taken to the trauma center. In the Kyivskyi district of Donetsk, a 55-year-old driver of a Mitsubishi Lancer car hit a 34-year-old Donetsk woman who was crossing the carriageway using zebra crosswalk. The woman was injured as a result of the road accident. In the Cite Centrsl district of Makiivka, a 40-year-old driver of a Chevrolet Aveo car hit a 48-year-old man who suddenly stepped out onto the street. The pedestrian was injured. In Starobesheve, a 26-year-old driver of a Volkswagen Bora hit a 45-year-old local resident who suddenly stepped out onto the street. The woman sustained a bodily injury.