FC Shakhtar appears in "DNR". The stolen name was given to the neighbourhood sports teams from Donetsk (PHOTO) 12/01/2020 15:01:26. Total views 752. Views today — 1.

A football team with dominant name FC Shakhtar appeared in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. This is reported by separatist media.

"The name of FC Shakhtar, which is familiar to football fans, has been returned In Donetsk", - local journalists write.

The idea of naming an unknown team the same as the world-famous club is that "historical justice is being restored" and "the name familiar to the Donetsk people returns".

The club with the name taken away from FC Shakhtar made its debut in the so-called "DNR" winter championship.

"This is the brand of our "republic", this is the brand of Donbas. Pupils of the "republican" football schools play here. That is, our locals. This is that Shakhtar which was under the Soviet Union", - calling himself CEO of the fake Shakhtar stated.

"Homemade" FC Shakhtar


World-famous FC Shakhtar


Residents of the occupied Donbas miss their favorite team