Occupiers of "DNR" ban Ukrainians from entering CADO through Russia without registration in occupation zone 11/26/2020 17:50:17. Total views 673. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" have banned Ukrainians who do not have registration in the uncontrolled territories from entering CADO through Russia. Separatist media write this.

Crossing the uncontrolled section of border with Russia, residents of free Ukraine need to obtain permission from a certain anti-coronavirus headquarters.

"Citizens entering the "DNR" from the Russian Federation and having a residence permit in the controlled territory of Ukraine, cross the "DNR" border only with the permission of the Interdepartmental Operational Headquarters", - the message says.

"To obtain a permit, you must send by e-mail a full package of documents with a completed application, in which the applicant indicates the reason for entering the "DNR" territory (undergoing treatment, reuniting with a family, death of a close relative, studying at universities)", - the occupiers write.

These restrictions are explained by the need to contain the spread of COVID-19, the main source of which is Ukraine according to the occupiers. At the same time, the flow of Russians entering the uncontrolled territory of CADO and Ukrainians registered in the occupation zone is not yet controlled in any way.