Rehearsal for mobilization? Occupiers of "DNR" go door to door and collect information about reservist militants - social networks 11/23/2020 12:28:27. Total views 774. Views today — 0.

Representatives of the security agencies of the so-called "DNR" are conducting a door-to-door survey to identify "citizens in reserve". This is reported by one of the separatist Telegram-channels.

It says that "people in the uniform of a military commandant's office and "people's militia" (self-designation of the "DNR" illegal armed formations – OstroV) walk around the apartments and houses from the morning of November 22.

"As part of decree No.400 ("On the conduct of a control notification and the appearance of citizens who are in reserve at the pre-gathering points of citizens" – OstroV), the security forces require only to give the full name of each resident of both sexes and clarify information about the neighbors. Draft notices are not being served. They do not show the documents, but present themselves upon request", - the message says.

"The situation is incomprehensible, because there were no specific directions in the document of the "head" for holding a "census" (only for notification)… Either the departments of the "DNR" execute "internal orders" again, or it is someone unknown who is collecting information", - the authors of the Telegram channel write.