"DNR/LNR" militants announce combined exercise: they will learn to counter "threats" from Ukraine 11/03/2020 15:08:03. Total views 681. Views today — 0.

Militants in the occupied part of Donbass are preparing to conduct joint anti-Ukrainian exercise by forces of the two "republics". This was announced by leaders of the "DNR/LNR" Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik.

In particular, Pasechnik announced the conduct of "joint actions in response to crisis situations and possible external threats" in CALO during the period from November 10 to November 14. According to him, "a drill session of "inter-republican" nature will be held".

Denis Pushilin made a similar statement. In designating the threat that the "republics" will learn to cope with, he was more specific, traditionally accusing Ukraine of aggression. "Taking into account the available facts and intelligence, I consider it expedient to conduct a check on the effectiveness of joint actions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport on the resolution of crisis situations in the event of possible external threats from Ukraine from November 10 to November 14", - the puppet ruler of the "DNR" stated.