Outcast Purgin asks Putin to hold elections in occupied Donbas without participation of Ukraine 10/29/2020 15:02:28. Total views 680. Views today — 0.

Outcast Andrei Purgin asks Russian President Vladimir Putin on behalf of the "party" unrecognized even by the occupation authorities to organize "local elections" in the Donbas without the participation of Ukraine. He announced this on his page in social network.

According to him, the "political council" addressed the leaders of the Normandy four countries with the same request. 

The "Political Council of the "Republican Party of Donbass", which is undergoing registration" (puppet authorities of the "DNR" refused to "register" this fringe "party" - OstroV), prepared an appeal to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and leaders of the guarantor states of the Normandy Format about the actual disruption of the package of measures of February 15, 2015 by Ukraine and the need to organize and hold local elections in the Donbas Republics without the participation of Ukraine", - he wrote.

Purgin reported that both "appeals" were sent to the addressees "through official channels". He did not specify what "official channels" the fringe pseudo-party has for communicating with world leaders.