"I do not paint myself as a virgin". Khodakovsky tells how "DNR" militants robbed Donbas in 2014 10/28/2020 14:31:10. Total views 711. Views today — 0.

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky has admitted that the "DNR" militants had plundered the Donbas in 2014 to "solve military and economic problems". He wrote this on his Telegram.

"2014 was fast-moving in everything, a lot of economic problems emerged along with military tasks a - the military tool had to be somehow maintained. I do not paint myself as a virgin and I do not look away embarrassedly when they ask me where the money was taken from. The business wanted to survive", - Khodakovsky told that the business of the Donbas for self-preservation began to voluntarily finance the "DNR" militants.

"Indeed, we did not pretend to redistribute, we did not get involved in equity participation, we set "exactions" at a quite real level", - he boasts of a "humane" approach to setting the racket rate.

"The Olimp Corporation, being the largest alcohol producer, allocated about a hundred thousand dollars, the Ukrsplav company helped with equipment, the Khamadey cigarettes did not complain either…", - the terrorist gave examples of the symbiosis of the bandits and big Donetsk business.

According to Khodakovsky, he handed over all the businesses he was "protecting" to the authorities of the "DNR". "Then, when the smell of the state appeared, I gathered everyone, thanked them and sent them to Timofieyev - we thought at that time that the state should have a monopoly on vodka and tobacco", - he wrote.

It turned out that Khodakovsky was indignant, that the "state" treated the companies transferred as objects for plunder. "For comparison, Olimp immediately began to pay three and a half million dollars a month, and then tobacco and vodka were transferred to the private hands of a person close to Zakharchenko", - he told.

"I once allowed Khamadey to take part of the equipment to Russia - now they make cigarettes somewhere near Yevpatoria", - the "defender of the Russian world" admitted that the equipment of enterprises was plainly exported to the Russian Federation, which oversees the Donbas occupation.

At the same time, Khodakovsky is trying to present himself as a defender of the "people's good", who did not allow the removal of factories and equipment outside the Donbas.

"I refused Teslenko (the Altcom FIG - OstroV) to take out the road equipment... I refused the owners of the Silur Steel Wire Rope Plant in Khartsyzsk. The saved paving machines were handed over to Purgin when he was restoring the road infrastructure…", - the militant praises himself.