Brigades serving Donetsk filter station are afraid to go to work due to shelling – Zhebrivskyi 03/14/2016 20:14:54. Total views 976. Views today — 0.

Brigades serving Donetsk filter station, that got under the cross-fire on the eve, refuse to go to work for safety reasons. This was told by the head of the Donetsk Regional Military and Civilian Administration (MCA) Pavel Zhebrivskyi on the air of 112 Ukraina.

"In fact, not 400 thousand residents, but Avdeyevka and the surrounding villages are now without water. We have a reservoir of 4 thousand cubic meters of water, we pumped up last night and we’ll pump up tonight. Yesterday and today we are working with a common coordination center and the OSCE and try to put OSCE posts, so that the brigades working there are not afraid to go there and, in fact, after the security measures we will be able to run the Donetsk filter station, it is on the territory controlled by the militants," - said Zhebrivskyi.

"It all depends on how we manage to persuade the OSCE mission, so that their presence gives confidence to the people who serve the Donetsk filter station and they are not afraid for their lives and health. It is a safe key moment," - added Zhebrivskyi, answering question when people will get water.

As previously reported, the Donetsk filter station stopped its work on March 13th.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement, which says that the militants dramatically increased the number of attacks with weapons banned by the Minsk agreements last week. Activation of hostilities, stressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can lead to the destruction of the Donetsk filter station and humanitarian catastrophe. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the militants were continuing purposeful blocking of the work of the observers of the OSCE Special monitoring mission. In particular, they refused to provide security guarantees to the First Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM A.Hug who tried to visit Avdeyevka, near which hybrid Russian-terrorist forces carried out provocative actions.