All-Ukrainian poll on election day to be financed by subject of elections Servant of the People 10/23/2020 17:17:28. Total views 710. Views today — 0.

An all-Ukrainian poll of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with five questions, scheduled for October 25, will be funded by the Servant of the People party. This is said in a statement by Servant of the People on Facebook.

"5 questions from the President of Ukraine - who will finance this research? We answer officially: the Servant of the People political party. The corresponding decision was made at a meeting of the Supreme Council of the party on October 20. Is this legal? Yes. Servant of the People will not conduct research on its own forces, and will conclude an agreement with a company that conducts sociological polls. Citizens who will conduct research will be outside the polling stations", - the statement said.

Servant of the People notes that this will not be agitation: no party symbols will be used during the study, there will not be a single call to vote for this party or for individual candidates in the elections.

It is reported that the party members, candidates for deputies of local councils from the party and their representatives will not be involved in the direct polling and communicating with citizens on the election day. All costs associated with the survey are promised to be disclosed in the party's report, which is submitted to the NAPC.

"We emphasize that we are not talking about taxpayers' money, since in 2020 the Servant of the People party refused state funding and transferred these funds to the fight against COVID-19", - the political force noted.

Let us remind that local elections are to be held in Ukraine on October 25.