More than a hundred people's deputies from Servant of the People go to Donbas. They promise to stay overnight on front line 10/21/2020 13:13:04. Total views 663. Views today — 0.

About a hundred people's deputies from the faction of the Servant of the People political party have left on a two-day working trip to the Donbas on the morning of October 21. This was stated by deputy chairman of the faction Yevhenia Kravchuk, - Ukrinform reports.

"We will not hold meetings there, this is a working trip of the deputies. About one hundred members of the faction take part in it. When we arrive at the place, we will divide into smaller groups of 10-12 people, and these groups will go with specific brigades to their places of deployment, where we will spend the night. Groups with the deputies will actually be stretched along the front line. I think we will cover both the Donetsk and the Luhansk oblasts. We will be in the Donbas for two days", - Kravchuk noted.

According to her, during this trip, the members of parliament are going to communicate with both military personnel and civilians in those settlements near which the brigades are deployed. Servants of the people are planning to discuss the results of the work carried out in the Donbas at a meeting of the faction after returning to Kyiv.

Kravchuk explained why the faction did not join this trip to the Donbas in full. "This is a voluntary trip. Some of the deputies did not go for health reasons - they are sick, have recently been ill, or are busy in the elections, as they are the heads of organizations, the curators of elections", - the politician clarified.

As previously reported, at the end of September, chairman of the Servant of the People faction Davyd Arakhamia announced the faction's intention to hold an external meeting at the front line. Later, on October 2, member of the faction, chairman of the subcommittee on state security and defense of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Iryna Vereshchuk informed that the Servant of the People deputies postponed the external meeting in the Donbas due to unfavorable weather conditions and the incidence of COVID-19 diseases among the deputies. Deputy chairman of the faction Yevhenia Kravchuk announced later that such an external meeting would take place during the week of October 19-25. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed in his address to the Verkhovna Rada on October 20 that 120 deputies of the Servant of the People party would go to the Donbas on October 21.