Outcast Purgin to ask Putin, Merkel and Macron to hold local elections in "DNR/LNR" without Ukraine 10/19/2020 11:43:09. Total views 758. Views today — 0.

Andrei Purgin, a fringe politician of the "DNR", intends to appeal to the leaders of Russia, Germany and France with a request to resolve the issue of holding some "local elections" in CADLO independently of Ukraine. This is said in a message on the Donetsk Aborigine Telegram channel.

It is noted that this appeal is being prepared on behalf of the fake "Republican Party of the Donbass", which occupation authorities of the "DNR" categorically refuse to register.

"At the last meeting, Andrei Purgin spoke about the preparation of an appeal on behalf of the "Republican Party of the Donbass" to the leaders of the Normandy Three (Putin, Merkel and Macron). The subject of the appeal after the local elections are held in Ukraine will be the question of holding local elections in the "republics", but already without Ukraine", - the message says.

"The appeal will concern the guarantor countries and will have a request for assistance in the conduct of local elections as a mechanism for the implementation of basic human rights and giving the "republics" and their population a legal international status", - the "Donetsk Aborigine" writes.