Germany reminds that it is Russia that is member of Minsk TCG, and not its "DNR/LNR" puppets 10/16/2020 13:07:06. Total views 861. Views today — 0.

Russia at the meetings of the Minsk Trilateral Contact Group has recently been trying to convince that it is not part of the conflict. German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen said this in an interview with European Pravda.

"I will single out one thing that is generally not new, but has recently become much more noticeable: how Russia is trying to take a step back and convince everyone that it is not part of the conflict. That, allegedly, the negotiations are being conducted by the OSCE, Ukraine and separatists. This is not true, but now they have started to promote it everywhere - and we constantly remind them that the Minsk Group includes Russia, not separatists. That Russia is a party to the conflict and has agreed to participate in its solution - and we expect this from it", - Feldhusen said.

The ambassador also noted that the second significant change in the negotiations was the activity of Ukraine. "Sometimes it seemed earlier that Ukraine was simply reacting to the actions of the Russian Federation", - she added.

Feldhusen also ruled out the option for Germany and France to join the work of the Minsk TCG.

"No, such a scheme will not work. The TCG includes representatives of the OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, and I do not think that it makes sense for my colleagues from Paris or Berlin to be there at all. Yes, sometimes they came to Minsk to feel the atmosphere - this was especially required by new colleagues who began to deal with this topic at the MFA - but these were visits not to participate in "Minsk", but to "feel" it. But there is no role in the TCG meetings for them", - the diplomat said.