23 health workers quit in maternity hospital, given to patients with COVID-19 in occupied Donetsk 10/13/2020 11:30:15. Total views 624. Views today — 0.

Medical personnel are being dismissed en masse in the obstetric and gynecologic building of the city clinical hospital No.3 of occupied Donetsk, which was remodeled to receive the infected with coronavirus. This is reported in the separatist segment of social networks.

"23 medical workers of this department wrote letters of resignation on the evening of October 12. Some of them did not leave for their shift earlier because of unsuitable sets of protective equipment for working in the "red zone" (the patients are situated there). Rather, special sets were delivered only today, their number will be enough just for a day. There are also not enough medicines: Heparin, injectable Paracetamol, Azithromycin (not available in pharmacies), Moxifloxacin - they are needed urgently", - local residents write.

The reports indicate that there are about 40 infected with COVID-19 in the building at the moment, all with a "severe" form of the disease. In total, they want to bring up to 60 patients. They have 3-5 doctors who work hard. New employees from other hospitals and local clone of the DonNMU (medical university) should come to the places of the resigned employees on October 13.

The information about the mass layoffs of medical workers was confirmed by head physician of the Central City Clinical Hospital No.3 Inna Presnukhina.