Russia must recognize itself as occupier and officially ask for water supply to Crimea - Kyslytsya 09/23/2020 17:55:25. Total views 726. Views today — 0.

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya believes that it is possible to discuss the resumption of the supply of Dnipro water to the occupied Crimea only if Russia officially makes such a request to the Ukrainian authorities and at the same time, recognizes itself as an occupant. Kyslytsya stated this in an interview with Krym.Realii, - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

"In order to start a conversation about water supplies, they (the Russian authorities - ed.), first of all, must recognize that they are an occupant and officially apply as an occupant, according to humanitarian law. They must contact the Ukrainian authorities with an official request, and not with threats and hysterics. And then we will look, then the relevant ministries and departments will see what our reaction should be. As far as I know, to date, the occupant has never asked Ukraine to start dialogue about this problem. Instead, we see a lot of fuss and hysterics behind the scenes of this problem", - Kyslytsya said.

The message recalls that Ukraine provided up to 85% of Crimea's needs for fresh water through the North Crimean Canal, which connects the main channel of the Dnipro with the peninsula. After the occupation of the Crimea by Russia in 2014, water supplies to the peninsula were stopped. Water reserves in the Crimea are replenished from natural runoff reservoirs and underground sources. According to environmentalists, the regular use of water from underground sources has led to soil salinization on the peninsula. The Crimean authorities regularly urge residents of the peninsula to save water. In fact, Russia is gradually turning the peninsula into a desert. Meanwhile, the propaganda of the aggressor country via the media and social networks is trying to manipulate public opinion in Ukraine in order to get water into the occupied Crimea. The presidential office in the ARC rejects the accusations of the Russian authorities regarding Ukraine's obligations to supply water to the Crimea annexed by Russia and emphasizes that providing the occupied territory with resources is the responsibility of the occupant. In particular, it became known on September 21 that the northern Crimea was left without water after the central one: wells supplying water to 29 settlements dried up.