RF refused any agreementі on the case of Savchenko and other political prisoners – Ministry of Foreign Affairs 03/11/2016 19:20:37. Total views 1414. Views today — 0.

RF refused any agreements with Ukraine on the case of held in Russian prison ATO participant and people's deputy of Nadezhda Savchenko and other political prisoners, that’s why it is possible to achieve their liberation only with the help of international pressure. This was stated by Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, - reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"When we started with the understanding that (with Russia - IF) you can negotiate to find compromises and forms, but now we are in the position that only a comprehensive system and continuous pressure and putting issue of Savchenko and other political prisoners on the agenda of all the negotiating processes is the way to win. Russia has a position "no - because no". It means that we have to create such a combination of diplomatic and international circumstances in which to release Savchenko and other political prisoners will be to the benefit of Russia," – said D.Kuleba.

The diplomat assured that "release of political prisoners is not only professional but also a moral obligation" for all starting from the President of Ukraine to the ambassadors in different countries of the world.

He said that work on their release is conducted at three levels. "The first is political: we have this issue on the agenda of all negotiations. The second one is legal: we interact with lawyers. The third is public: these names should be constantly spoken about," - said D.Kuleba.

In particular, the meeting of foreign ambassadors rwith elatives of political prisoners was held in Ukraine. "We are working not only at the diplomatic but also at the emotional level: because when Gennadiy Afanasiev’s mother was making a speech without fighting down her tears, foreign diplomats themselves were emotionally charged," - said D.Kuleba.