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Situation in the area of the Joint Forces Operation on September 8 remained stable and completely controlled by the Ukrainian soldiers, - the JFO headquarters reported. The full and comprehensive ceasefire has not been violated in the area of the operation since the beginning of this day. Silence was observed along the entire front line. Being in readiness for an adequate response to any insidious and provocative actions of the enemy, the units of the Joint Forces comply with the terms of the ceasefire.

Threats of the "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin to destroy the AFU positions near Horlivka as a result of massive shelling are populism. This was stated by the Chief of the General Staff - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Serhiy Korniychuk. "This is the third time they endure it (shelling). First of all, this is a political statement, the populism of their leader. It is aimed at creating psychosis and panic", - Korniychuk said. When asked whether the militants used the time of the armistice to build up forces with a view to a further offensive, Korniychuk answered in the affirmative, but added that it was not massive.

The so-called "police and military commander's office of the DNR" maximized patrolling and checks in the occupied areas of Donetsk oblast on 8 September. This was reported in the separatist segment of social networks. "Given the cancellation of curfew and a large-scale concert, polls, searches and identification can be carried out in various forms", - the message said. Also, a ban on the sale of alcohol was introduced in cafes and restaurants in the center of occupied Donetsk. Round-ups and "trainings" are carried out in CADO regularly.

Three people with COVID-19 died in the occupied territory of Donetsk region over the past day, - the so-called "DNR Ministry of Health" reported. "Three deaths were registered – men aged 90 and 66 years and a woman aged 90 years", - the report said. In total, as of the morning of September 8, 2699 cases of COVID-19 were registered in the DNR, there are 151 deaths. As for the occupied part of Luhansk oblast, the "official" statistics here is quite poor and causes great doubts about its reliability. In particular, occupation authorities of the "LNR" recognized only 20 deaths for the entire time of the epidemic, including one over the past day.

Checks of men in public transport of occupied Donetsk were caused by the search for a "sabotage and reconnaissance group". This was said in messages in the separatist segment of social networks. As OstroV reported, on September 3, the "DNR police" patchily stopped cars and public transport in Donetsk, asked males to come out and provide identity documents. According to preliminary information, the reason for this was allegedly "sabotage near one of the military units". Photos of the alleged members of the "sabotage and reconnaissance group" or their composite pictures (up to 10 pieces) were shown to the residents of Donetsk during the check. The situation with the capture of the wanted people is unknown.

The Donetsk filtration station will be shut down from September 9 to 12 due to the repair work carried out by the energy supply company, - the press service of the Voda Donbassa public utility company reported. In particular, the water supply will be stopped in the city of Avdiivka and the village of Verkhniotoretske. The water supply in occupied Donetsk will also be reduced. The report notes that the water supply will be reduced by 40% - in the Kirovskyi, Kuibyshevskyi, Leninsky and Petrovsky districts. At the same time, the occupation "power" of Donetsk reports that the water supply to the city will be reduced by only 10-15% for the period of the work.

The deadline for mandatory registration of vehicles in the so-called "LNR MIA" ends on September 30, the separatist media wrote. Militants from the "LNR MIA" stated that all vehicles used in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast with Ukrainian registration must be registered with the local Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office. At the same time, it is stated that the registration certificate and license plates of the Ukrainian sample are not withdrawn, except in cases of change of owner, but it is allowed to use vehicles that have passed the "state registration in the LNR" on the territory of the "LNR" only with license plates and registration documents issued by divisions of the "Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office of the LNR MIA". The message also stated that the owners of cars without "republican" numbers would be fined from 500 to 10 thousand Russian rubles.

The water supply in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast was reduced again "in connection with the repair of the water conduit", separatist media wrote. Water supply to consumers in the following settlements was reduced: Alchevsk, Brianka, Perevalsk and Kadiivka - by 40%; Holubivka - by 50%; Slovianoserbsk - by 70%".