"Cunning and Cynicism". "DNR" accuses Ukraine of violating truce by launching bunch of balloons 08/25/2020 12:15:04. Total views 748. Views today — 0.

Ukraine has violated the ceasefire, allegedly, having launched a bunch of balloons towards the self-proclaimed "DNR". This is said in the statement of the so-called "People's Militia of the DNR".

"Today (August 24, - ed.) the Ukrainian side once again violated the FIRST clause of additional measures to strengthen and control the current ceasefire, namely - the ban on the use of any types of aircraft", - the message says.

"Also, the punitive forces of the 21st battalion of the 56th separate motorized brigade from the settlement of PISKY launched a bundle of balloons, and the militants of the 2nd battalion of the 54th separate motorized brigade from AVDIIVKA launched a flag with fascist symbols with the help of balloons in the direction of our Republic", - the occupiers note.

The so-called command of the "People's Militia" urged residents of the front-line areas of the "republic" to be vigilant and cautious.

"Knowing about the cunning and cynicism of the Ukrainian militants, we do not exclude that these balloons may contain explosive or incendiary devices designed to harm the civilian population of the Republic", - the militants said in a statement.

According to them, a FANTOM-type drone was also recorded in Novoluhansk, with the help of which Ukrainian soldiers of the 2nd battalion of the 24th brigade, allegedly, exercised control over the engineering development of their positions and tried to carry out reconnaissance activities of the militants' positions.