Occupiers kidnap retired colonel of Soviet army, his body was found two days later 08/14/2020 15:45:44. Total views 803. Views today — 0.

Pro-Russian security forces have kidnapped retired colonel of the Soviet army Oleksandr Muzhetsky in occupied Donetsk. Later, his body was found on the city street. This was reported on social networks by supporter of the "DNR" Roman Manekin.

According to him, the military pensioner and his wife were detained on August 11 by officers of the fake Ministry of State Security.

"The officers of the "DNR Ministry of State Security arrested Oleksndr Muzhetsky, born in 1961 (59 years old) and Larysa Muzhetska, born in 1964 (56 years old) in the apartment at the place of registration (Polotska str., 40)", - Manekin wrote.

"The seizure was carried out as usual, with fanfare, shouts and shrieks… One of the rooms in the apartment is sealed off. There is the signature of the "DNR Ministry of State Security's" operative on the piece of paper", - he added.

On August 13, Manekin reports that the body of Oleksndr Muzhetsky was found at the Kalininskyi District Department of Internal Affairs. The body was allegedly thrown out of a Skoda car. The occupation authorities call a detached blood clot as the cause of death.

The author of the post writes that the retired colonel graduated from the Kyiv college of communication at one time. He served in Transcaucasia (Armenia, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh), where armed conflicts broke out during the USSR collapse.

According to Manekin, he became addicted to alcohol under the occupation, including drinking "with random drinking companions". He was unrestrained in his statements and "scolded the "DNR" while drunk".

Allegedly, one of his last drinking companions, "a certain colonel-pilot", recently got engaged in a war of words with the pensioner over "differences in views on current politics".

OstroV's source confirms this information, specifying that the body of Oleksndr Muzhetsky was found near the Kalininskyi District Department of Internal Affairs, which is located in the near vicinity of the so-called "Ministry of State Security", located in the building of the Institute of Metals, grabbed by the occupiers. Local secret service agents charged the retired colonel with espionage in favor of Ukraine and transmission of data on the movement of military equipment. Muzhetsky had already been retired for 10 years at the time of his arrest; he received the pension on the territory of Ukraine controlled by the legal authorities. The last place of his service was a military unit of the internal troops of Ukraine, which is near the Motel.