"DNR" to train film and theatre actors: they promise to teach how to distinguish Shakespeare from Chekhov 08/13/2020 13:03:47. Total views 620. Views today — 0.

Students at the philology department of separatist clone of the Donetsk National University in occupied Donetsk will be trained in the specialty "the actor's art" from September. This was announced by the so-called "DNR Minister of Culture" Mikhail Zheltyakov at a briefing on August 12, - the press service of the fake "ministry" reports.

It is noted that the first admission will be 30 people (15 state-financed openings and 15 contract openings). They will need to go through a creativity competition to enter.

"Such a decision was made to train film and theatre actors. We were supported in this. This is a step forward for us", - Zheltyakov noted.

The training of film and theatre actors will be supervised at the so-called "Department of World and National Culture". According to dean of the philology department Liudmila Kvashyna, future actors will study history, philosophy and foreign languages ​​in addition to professional subjects. Thanks to this, future "actors" will be taught to understand that "Hamlet is a hero of the Renaissance, and Chekhov's play is a culture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries".

Among the specialized teachers, occupation administration of the "DonNU" promises artists working in the uncontrolled territory of the Donetsk Music and Drama Theater. Students will undergo practical training in the same theater.