Kravchuk tells who he is ready to negotiate with in occupied Donbass 08/10/2020 16:58:03. Total views 699. Views today — 0.

Head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk Leonid Kravchuk is ready to talk with representatives of civil society in CADLO, but not those who govern there. He stated this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

When asked with whom in the occupied part of Donbass he was ready to sit down at the negotiating table, Kravchuk replied: "This is civil society, first of all. These are people who do not participate in the management, did not participate in the war, directly with a rifle in their hands and did not torture those who were taken prisoner. These are people who work in higher educational institutions, schools and non-governmental organizations - I am ready to listen to them".

Also, answering the question - will he change something in the TCG, he replied that he intends to introduce certain people.

"We want to bring in people or a person, who knows Donbass well, who lived and worked there. The main thing for us is to hear those people who live in the Donbass. We declare everywhere that these are Ukrainians, this is our territory. It is Ukrainian. But in order to make peace, one should know not only the desire of those "leaders" who exist today in that part of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, but most importantly - of the people who live there", - he said.