NAB of Ukraine announced suspicion to in Pasishnik in Abromavicius’ case. He is being treated abroad 03/09/2016 23:18:43. Total views 1049. Views today — 0.

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine announced suspicion to top manager of Naftogaz Andrey Pasishnik. It is reported by the press service of NABU.

"On Wednesday, March 9th, detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine in coordination with the public prosecutor of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office drafted a written notice of suspicion to the Executive Director, acting Deputy Chairman of Naftogaz Ukraine A. Pasishnik on committing a crime under Part 1 Art. 344 of the Criminal Code (interference in the activities of a statesmant). Notice of suspicion must be handed in personally to A. Pasishnik on ​​March 9th during interrogation at NABU, which was scheduled for 12 o'clock," - said the statement.

However, at night of March 8th A.Pasishnik told the detective that he could not come to the NABU before April 1st because of the urgent trip abroad for treatment.

"Therefore, the written notice on suspicion was sent by post to the residence of A. Pasishnik in accordance with the procedure stipulated in Part 1 Art. 278 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Information about the valid reasons for failure to appear is currently being verified," - noted the NAB of Ukraine.

The agency reminded that on February 3rd detectives of the NABU started checking the facts, stated by the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Abromavičius about possible interference in the work of the ministry by the first deputy leader of the PPB faction I. Kononenko and other deputies.

During the investigation of the offense, according to the provisional legal classification, under Art. 364 (Part 2) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abuse of power or position) NABU detectives established the fact of illegal influence of A.Pasishnik on A. Abromavičius on 25.01-01.02.2016 when he made proposal against the will of the Minister on his appointment to the post of deputy minister. On February 24th NABU detectives registered criminal proceedings under Part 1 Art. 344 of the Criminal Code (interference in the activities of a statesman) in this case.

Pre-trial investigation on the information provided by A. Abromavičius continues.