"Kyiv terrorist" neutralized during "interview" about his readiness to run the world (VIDEO) 08/03/2020 17:18:03. Total views 556. Views today — 0.

The "Kyiv terrorist" is neutralized during the "interview" about his readiness to run the world. The detention was shown live on TV channels, which, apparently, participated in the special operation. One of the "journalists" in the course of the "interview" lunged at the man threatening to detonate a bomb in the business center and neutralized him.   

"The terrorist was captured alive. There was no explosion. Explosives expert are working on the spot. There will be a trial and a longtime prison sentence", - Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko commented on his Facebook.

As previously reported, on August 3, an unknown person, who threatened to detonate a bomb in a bank located in the Kyiv business center Leonardo, demanded that he to be provided with a live broadcast. He turned out to be a citizen of Uzbekistan - Sukhrob Karimov, born on March 25, 1988.

The terrorist was allowed to appear on the air of a number of television channels, where he stated his intension to become the ruler of the whole world. It is necessary to arrest all presidents, prosecutors and judges for this. He reported that he "declares martial law" immediately.