CADLO outraged that Ukraine does not recognize their "representation" in JCCC and wants to "control" ceasefire without OSCE SMM 07/29/2020 13:16:39. Total views 630. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of certain areas of Donbass offer Kyiv to control the complete ceasefire without intermediaries from the OSCE. This is said in a statement of one of the representatives of the militants Alexey Nikonorov.

"The coordination mechanism will be effective only in the case of direct interaction of the Ukrainian party with representatives of the "LDNR" in the JCCC, only an operational direct communication between the parties to the conflict can give real results", - he noted.

The representative of the occupiers assures that "prompt response is being delayed due to the mediation of the OSCE SMM, since the ceasefire requires an urgent decision and particular actions on the spot, especially during the night".

The CALO representatives were even more categorical. Vladislav Danego, who calls himself the "LNR Foreign Minister", accused the Ukrainian side in the Contact Group's security subgroup of refusing to recognize the self-proclaimed "DNR/LNR" representative offices in the JCCC.

The representatives of Ukraine in the subgroup actually declared their refusal to use the coordination mechanism in order to respond to violations of the ceasefire with the assistance of the JCCC in the current structure (that is, consisting of representatives of Ukraine and representatives of the "LNR" and "DNR"), trying to oblige the OSCE SMM to take over coordination functions", - he said.

Danego assures that the OSCE SMM does not have the ability to "take on functions unusual for the Mission" and states that Ukraine's refusal of direct contacts with the puppet authorities of the "DNR/LNR" "queries the effectiveness and efficiency of additional measures as such and the ceasefire itself".

As previously reported, the terrorist "DNR/LNR" announced the creation of "missions" under the jurisdiction of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire after the departure of Russian officers and expressed a desire to cooperate with the OSCE mission. Officially, there are no representative offices of the terrorist "republics" in the Joint Center. The JCCC consisted of 128 officers of the AFU and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation before the demarche of the Russian Federation. They worked in 16 control groups – 8 each in the territory controlled by Ukraine and in the zone of occupation.