The leader of the “DPR” told the “Normand format” that he wasn’t going to fulfil the Minsk agreements 03/05/2016 23:15:34. Total views 1334. Views today — 0.

The so-called leader of the “DPR” Aleksander Zakharchenko that there would be never Ukraine on the occupied territory of Donetsk region as the Minsk agreements provided. He told that today at the press conference in Donetsk, – reports DAN separatist website.

“I want to remind you that the destiny of Donbass residents cannot be decided in Paris, - said the head of the state. – I understand that Kiev wants to show that we are the territory of Ukraine. But Donbass territory belongs to Kiev in no way. Let all people know that we, residents of Donbass, don’t want to live in Ukraine. I ask all leaders of the “Normand format” to take our opinion into consideration, including on the elections issue,” – said Zakharchenko.

Besides, as reported, the Minsk agreements provides, first of all, restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by giving status of “districts with special local government” to temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. In terms of elections, the Mink agreements state that they should be held in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. All documents in Minsk were also signed by the puppet head of the “DPR” Aleksander Zakharchenko. Such notions as the “DPR” or “LPR”, as well as titles of the “heads of the republics”, are not mentioned in the documents at all.