"DNR" militants are trying to shift blame for death of civilian in Zaitseve to Ukrainian military 07/03/2020 16:30:34. Total views 713. Views today — 0.

Militants of the "DNR" are trying to shift the responsibility for the death of the civilian in Zaitseve of the Donetsk oblast on to the Ukrainian military. This follows from the message of the fake "Directorate of the "DNR" People's Police".

The occupiers stated that one of the mines, allegedly fired from the AFU firing positions, hit a residential yard in Zaitseve in the Ukraine-controlled territory, where there was a civilian born in 1940.

Earlier, the "people's militia (self-designation of the "DNR" illegal armed formations - OstroV) admitted that they fired in that direction, having called their provocative actions "suppression of the firing position of the Ukrainian military".

As previously reported, a civilian died as a result of shelling by the Russian occupiers of the village of Zaitseve in the Donetsk oblast. The armed forces of the Russian Federation opened fire on the village of Zaitseve today at dawn, on July 3, once again. "As a result of cynical shelling from 82 mm mortars, a local resident, born in 1940, died. The occupiers openly demonstrated disregard for the Minsk agreements once again and confirmed once again that they had come to the Donbass to kill, rob and that the life of the civilian population was worth nothing for them", - the JFO headquarters noted.