Occupiers demand to file application, collect documents and agree to 2 weeks of hospitalization to enter "DNR" 06/22/2020 17:43:23. Total views 768. Views today — 0.

Passing people to the occupied part of Donetsk oblast is possible according to special lists and subject to a two-week observation in medical institutions. This is said in the message of the so-called "headquarters for the prevention of coronavirus".

It is noted that citizens who will prove by document that they will be treated, will study or work in CADO will be able to enter the occupied part of Donetsk oblast. In addition, the occupiers agreed to let in those who would take care of the sick or decide to return to the occupied territory to their family for permanent residence. This category of entrants must also submit supporting documents.

Those who have all the relevant documents must submit an application to the occupation authorities indicating the appropriate grounds for entry. Application will be considered up to 10 business days. And there is no guarantee that the permission to enter CADO will be obtained.

In the case of a positive decision on the issue of entry, citizens will have to undergo a two-week observation in medical institutions.

As previously reported, on June 22, the "DNR" occupation authorities decided to open the Olenivka checkpoint for provocative purposes, knowing that the Novotroitske checkpoint located on the controlled territory was closed for entry and exit. There was a threat of the throngs of a large number of vehicles and people in the gray zone. The Ukrainian authorities decided not to succumb to provocations and decided to resume throughput operations at the Novotroitske checkpoint.

Earlier, the Marinka checkpoint was opened in the Donetsk oblast on June 10 by decision of the JFO commander, but the "DNR" occupation authorities ignored it, blocking the entry and exit of citizens and referring to quarantine measures.