Self-proclaimed "mayor" of Horlivka tries to pass off dead militant as wounded "civilian" 06/19/2020 18:08:34. Total views 622. Views today — 0.

Self-proclaimed "mayor" of Horlivka Ivan Prikhodko has tried to pass off the murdered militant as a wounded "civilian". Such conclusion can be made by analyzing his posts on social networks and posts of relatives, supposedly, of the civilian.

So, the head of the occupation administration of Horlivka wrote on Friday morning that "during the shelling of the village of mine 6/7, civilian Eduard Soldatenko, born on 10.11.1977, sustained shrapnel wound to his arm".

His words were almost immediately denied by user with the nickname "Valera Soldatenko", who called himself the father of Eduard. "Eduard Soldatenko is not a civilian, he is the "DNR" serviceman. And he is not wounded, but killed. Kingdom of Heaven, dear son", - Valeriy Soldatenko wrote.

Apparently, Prikhodko "specified" data about the allegedly wounded man after an unsuccessful attempt to pass off the murdered militant as an allegedly wounded civilian. "Clarification on the wounded civilian. Sergey Kachura, born in 1973, mine-blast trauma, open fracture of the right humerus, fragmentation wounds to the chest, left upper lecture", - the "mayor" told a completely different story.